Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an Access Token ?
  2. Access token is a code that our application will use to get access to your facebook account and give you likes. note:- Access token can be used to post a status, comment, spam and many things, so be carefull before entering an access token in any other site | dont worry Robot Liker prohibits all such activities.

  3. Why Should I allow Followers ?
  4. Its because this application will work in public, public can be set when you are 18+, and so if you allow followers its obvious that you are 18+.

  5. Why should I Post in Public ?
  6. We need your Status to be in public because you will be reciving likes from the users who are not even in your friends list, and even you know, so its necessary to post in public.

  7. Why Post/status ID's are needed ?
  8. Post/Status/Photo ID's are the Unique IDs given specific to each by facebook, so we need your ID's to give likes on them

  9. Do my ID get Block by using Robot Liker ?
  10. No we don't spam on likes, So your ID will not be blocked or anything, we are safe at every edge.

  11. How To get Post ID ?
  12. Click here to find id

  13. How To get My Profile ID ?
  14. Click here to find id

  15. Will my likes will be given to others ?
  16. Yes , this is how our system works. You receive likes and you give likes to others

Robot Liker is a tool for those who want to grow their likes in facebook photos, status, posts and for different id. Check out our tools and you will be satisfied.

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